Death, Hypnosis, Suicide, and Freedom – Why am I here?

Please watch this before you kill yourself. I promise to make your nightmare(s) go away.

Write your questions below and I will answer them in the next video.

*** 30:00 One part I forgot to mention about 2:6:2 ratios is that your „position“ in this social construct often changes after having children or when doing some sort of psychological or spiritual treatment for mental illness, addiction, etc. For example, someone at the bottom 20% can rise to the top 20% after having children. Or if their child gets treatment for depression, and it works, the child will rise from the bottom 20% and someone else in the family will fill his former lowly place. These are just common examples.***……

Right, I just realized I didn’t answer „why am I here?“ You have to ask Death or your Heart or whatever you call it.

Here’s more stuff I didn’t explain:

Propaganda is nothing more than mass hypnosis, of course. It theoretically changes us down to the genetic level, when you consider how genes can be activated and deactivated. To create unity, one must deactivate many characteristic genes. This is done through respect for the elders and ancestors of one’s tribe. There is a mirror neuron connection which causes or catalyzes us to mimic our elders and create new neural pathways by switching off pathological genes.

The Dominators (evil people) who run the world have destroyed this process, especially by destroying the stress releasing mechanism (2:6:2 ratio) of the traditional family.

Formerly, the elders relaxed in the house, the mother and young children did light work and play, and the older boys and father did the heavylifting. Therefore, the family’s stress would be transferred (through mirror neurons) from the husband and older sons (top 20%) down through the wife and children (middle 60%) and finally to the retired elders (bottom 20%). That way the men could come home from work, see their beautiful happy wife and cute kids running circles around the lazy old folks… It’s not just a pretty picture, there are hormonal reactions taking place (between people through mirror neurons) which allows the father and working sons to transfer their stress downward; take a breather and start every morning fresh without burning out.

Nowadays we got old folks living alone twiddling around, women in the workplace going bananas, and little children getting sex changes and heroin addictions. Yes, problems existed in the past, but they were famine, disease, warfare — not so much spiritual degeneracy as we see today (although, as I said, the amount of spiritual degeneracy in a society fluctuates just as every measurable factor in the natural world.)


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